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VisualThe Elster and Redknee alliance delivers an end-to-end prepayment solution to the utilities sector.


The solution combines Elster’s smart grid software solutions with elements of the Redknee Connected Suite for Smart Electricity billing. Together these products enable energy providers to implement innovative and convenient pay-as-you-go electricity offers to consumers, significantly improving customer experience, cash flow and profitability.


Elster’s smart grid software solution provides utilities with a unified and simple approach for securely collecting, processing, storing and managing smart grid data. The software eliminates challenges that arise for utilities operating separate data collection and management systems, and its built-in workflow automation and guided decision-making are designed to enhance operator productivity and reduce the cost and complexity of utility operations.


Redknee’s flexible and scalable cloud based solution offers customer care, real-time analytics, billing and real-time rating for various smart services. It enables service providers to monetize digital services and deliver bundled offers and promotions across various industry verticals, including utilities, smart homes and transportation. The platform also provides partner billing and settlement to manage the complex Internet of things (IoT) partner ecosystem.


For more information about Redknee and its solutions, please go to www.redknee.com