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Smart Grid Interoperability: The Great Enabler

July 30, 2015
Simplify the Utility Journey

When the journey is long, the landscape tends to change in meaningful ways. Whether dealing with system upgrades or regulatory game changers, the utility journey has faced many twists and turns, with increasing urgency.

So how do utilities move successfully into the next stage? The short answer is through system interoperability. Until now, the journey has been a true balancing act, especially considering weather-related system shocks, new sources of distributed energy that must be integrated, evolving regulations, and demands for enhanced security and reliability. But the next phase of the journey must be as future-friendly as possible, and the concept of system interoperability is integral to the future.

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Elster Connect Frankfurt 2015 a tremendous success

April 17, 2015
Following on the heels of the very successful 8th annual Elster Connect customer meeting in North America in October, Elster held its first regional EMEA-APAC conference March 3-5 in Frankfurt, Germany. Some 120 men and women gathered together to connect across many geographies, share their experiences and learn more about Elster’s recently introduced Connexo™ unified utility intelligence solution.
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Enabling a unified smart city vision in four easy steps

February 12, 2015
The smart city concept revolves around more intelligent technology working together across traditionally disparate industries that “touch” under a municipal umbrella—power, water, transport, lighting—and that concept will evolve into a 12-25 billion dollar market in less than 10 years.
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How to plan for, find and grab your perfect flexible architecture

October 01, 2014
WE’VE ALL HEARD THE NEWS: The utility business model is rapidly evolving—not just at the edges where the business intersects with the outside world in financial and consumer arenas, but deep down in the recesses—the junctions of architecture and hardware—that make the technology itself function.
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Getting In Synch: Here Comes 3D: The Next Generation of Interoperability

January 15, 2014
Over the last several years, utilities have invested billions in an effort to modernize infrastructure and get a better understanding of how their customers consume energy.
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