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Leveraging Data for Solutions: Work Flow Management

November 01, 2013
Utilities of all types across the country are investing massive amounts of money in taking infrastructures that were largely built after World War II and upgrading them to inject intelligence throughout their operations. There has been a resultant tidal wave of information that will help utilities better manage their assets and serve their customers. Utilities will face a number of difficulties in the upcoming years that will both disrupt their business processes and create new opportunities, and the analysis of this information is crucial to their ability to be successful and to provide outstanding service to the public.
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Smart Meters Weather the Storm

June 01, 2013
Over the last decade, smart meter technology has been installed for use in millions of residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. Indeed, the U.S. is ahead of much of the world as utilities install smart meters in their service areas. For much of the industry, the primary business drivers for deployment have been cost reduction and energy savings.
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DA & AMI Convergence: Enabling energy savings through voltage conservation

May 01, 2012
The convergence of distribution automation (DA) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is providing unprecedented opportunities for power grid modernization, from transformer and feeder monitoring, outage management and cost effective fault isolation to electric vehicle integration. Bringing immediate benefits from reduced energy use on power distribution systems, voltage conservation allows for power quality to be maintained throughout the distribution system.
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Keys to Smart Grid Security

April 01, 2012
The topic of smart grid security continues to mature in the industry, especially as the underlying technologies evolve. Utilities are becoming much more sophisticated in the approaches they take to smart grid security as new threats and new technologies continue to emerge. In addition to supporting standards and reviewing security policies, utilities are beginning to analyze smart grid threats, applying proactive solutions to the problem of technology attacks.
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