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BEAMA on Smart Meter Interoperability

March 29, 2012


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The British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers (BEAMA) has announced that the Smart Specification Working Group (SSWG) has successfully demonstrated the current capability of smart metering devices from leading manufacturers to work together in the Home Area Network (HAN).

Richard St Clair, SSWG spokesperson and managing director of Elster Electricity UK explains that the goal for the working group “is to work closely with DECC’s program and de-risk, optimize and accelerate Smart Metering roll-outs. This event demonstrated the progress we’ve made. We have established a HAN protocol that works with products and solutions that are available in the marketplace today, and are making great strides forward with Smart Metering. The fact that six of the most recent UK smart tenders required SSWG compliance demonstrates that the industry is adopting our standards.”