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Cooper Power Systems

VisualIntegrated Volt/VAR Control (IVVC) Solutions
Cooper Power Systems collaborates with Elster to develop solutions where AMI converges with Distribution Automation (DA). Cooper provides integrated volt/VAR control solutions which can be supported by the Elster IP AxisLink platform.

Elster and Cooper Power Systems have successfully demonstrated DNP/IP SCADA communications through Elster’s EnergyAxis AMI system and Cooper Power Systems intelligent capacitor controller. Utilities are evaluating improved voltage control as a practical means of achieving voltage and energy conservation. Capacitor controllers such as the Cooper Power Systems CBC 7000 allow utilities to better regulate distribution voltages and reduce system loading.

The integration of these leading Smart Grid technologies allows existing SCADA management systems, or other advanced systems, such as Cooper Power Systems Yukon® Advanced Energy Services Platform, to perform standard operations over the EnergyAxis AMI Network on third party IP enabled SCADA devices, such as Cooper Power Systems CBC 7000 Series Capacitor Bank Controllers.

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End-to-End Demand Response Solutions
Elster and Cooper Power systems have teamed to deliver an integrated end-to-end demand response solution for electric utilities using the Elster EnergyAxis® AMI System.

This solution seamlessly integrates Cooper’s industry leading Yukon Advanced Energy Services Software with Elster’s EnergyAxis Management System (EA_MS) software and enables advanced demand response strategies to be executed via the EnergyAxis AMI system. Elster smart meters communicate via ZigBee® based technology with the Cooper programmable communicating thermostats to send Smart Energy encrypted commissioning information, demand response commands, and messages.

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