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Customer Case Studies



AMR system of Surgutneftegaz

In recent years, Surgutneftegaz, like all other Oil and Gas companies, was facing the problem associated with a raised share of expenses in the cost of oil. Cut down the cost of oil at the expense of comprehensive updating of electricity metering. One of the ways to raise the efficiency of energy management at the enterprise is mainly associated with energy resources demand metering, and particularly, the electrical energy. That was the reason why Surgutneftegaz took a decision to carry out comprehensive updating of electricity metering through installation of digital time-of-use meters and organization of advanced automated meter reading system (AMR).


Elster Metronica supplies metering systems on a turnkey basis. The company renders support on every stage of metering system implementation, including system’s installation, commissioning and personnel training.

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Metering Systems for Russian Railways

The railroads in Russia are among the largest power consumers. In modern conditions, when the Wholesale Electricity Markets of Russia consists the main way to cut down the costs is nothing but the provision of railroads with the state-of-the-art time-of-use (TOU) ALPHA meters and AMR system.

Alpha CENTER metering system is completely meets stringent requirements of the Wholesale Electricity Markets. Alpha CENTER suits perfectly both large Utilities and Industrial companies with thousands of meters and small enterprises with several meters.

Elster Metronica as the Leader in Metering technology in Russia supplies meters and metering systems for  Russian Railways during many years.

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Modernization of Energy Billing in Georgia

PA Government Services Inc., with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under contract with the Unified Energy Distribution Company (UEDC), Tbilisi, have begun modernizing electricity metering at the main sites in Georgia, at power network substations and primary consumers.

The Russian company Elster Metronica was selected as the equipment supplier and manufacturer. 

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Metering system for the largest Russian Generation Company – Concern Rosenergoatom

The system is specially designed for energy and power metering and billing purposes to work on the wholesale energy market of Russia. The metering system performs automated meter reading (AMR), data collection, processing, storing, and easy-to-analyse
display of received data.
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AMI of Kolenergo

Elster Metronica supplied equipment to "Kolenergo Ltd" substations and performed a full scope of work on the system introduction at these substations, system upgrading to meet the Utility and the North-West Integrated Dispatching Service (IDS) requirements including testing of communication channels and the complete system adjustment.
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