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Customer Case Studies



Metering systems projects

Brand New Metering Technology from Russia
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City of Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins Utilities has been recognized for being an award winning utility in environmental excellence, leadership and achievements; performance and innovation, vision, leadership, outstanding community support for renewable energy and reliable electric operations.
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Idaho Falls Power

Idaho Falls Power, a municipal electric utility serving the city of Idaho Falls, has been planning and developing its portion of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, one of the largest ongoing Smart Grid demonstration projects in the country. The planned project covers numerous aspects of the Smart Grid, including demand response, distributed generation, energy storage, distribution automation, electric vehicles, system diagnostics, end-user portals and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
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Silicon Valley Power

Silicon Valley Power developed and implemented extensive plans for reaching out to customers and working to educate its consumer base with an aggressive customer communications strategy.
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Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission

“After learning the hard way, how badly a vendor can fail you, we were pleased to have Elster step in and show us how great a vendor can be. It’s exciting to have a company deliver on its promises. Elster has found the trifecta; competitive pricing, a quality product and great customer support.” Jem Brown, General Manager, Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission
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