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Alaska Village Electric Coop


The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) covers the largest geographical area of any electric cooperative in the world. It has 54 member villages that span from Kivalina in the far north to Old Harbor on Kodiak Island in the far south, from Gambell on St. Lawrence Island in the west to Minto in the east. Of the 54 member villages, only Minto is accessible by road. All other AVEC communities are accessible only by airplane or cargo marine vessel during certain times of the year. The villages in AVEC’s service area are 500-600 miles from the home office in Anchorage. Each village has a local power plant, and there are no tie lines between most villages. To provide electrical power, AVEC has over 150 diesel generators that run more than 400,000 hours per year. Given the absence of roads and very small villages, AVEC felt that that walk-by/drive-by or tower-based solutions were not a good fit.

EnergyAxis offered the solution.