• Operational efficiency

    Making your employees more effective and enabling a better return on your assets.


  • Customer satisfaction

    Helping you to be the partner your customers want: reliable, responsive, with a focus on their interests.



  • Actionable intelligence

    Prompt action is important. Even more important? The right action at the right time with the right resources.


  • Advanced metering

    Electricity. Water. Gas.  Manage all your utility services with one system. How simple is that?


  • Grid security

    Elster incorporates, integrates, embeds, and builds in security throughout every facet of our systems. Was that redundant?  Yes.  Just like our systems security. 


  • Interoperable by design

    Elster's design principles revolve around standards, ease of integration, and interoperability.


Elster Electricity Offerings

Helping you make your vital connections

Electricity is one of the fundamental requirements for modern civilization and its development. In every region around the world, our utility and commercial and industrial customers are working hard to deliver, monitor, measure, conserve and analyze the use of electricity more effectively and efficiently.

North, South, East, West.   Wherever you are, Elster is there to help you serve your customers and better manage your utility or business.



Connecting Challenges with Solutions

There are many challenges facing utilities today.
Fortunately, there are often many ways to tackle those challenges. Explore the many solutions available from Elster.
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Product Catalog

Electric metering, grid sensor and interoperable system products deliver high accuracy, proven safety/security and unmatched performance.

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North America

Elster Electricity is your partner for metering and smart grid solutions whether your service territory is rural, suburban, or high-rise condos, large or small, anywhere in Canada, the US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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South America

With engineering and manufacturing operations in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Venezuala, Elster Electricity is both a powerful global engineering and manufacturing company, as well as neighbor who understands the challenges utilities face.
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Through out Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Elster Electricity strives not only to provide its best-in-class technology solutions that a tailored to meet the unique requirements found here, but also help the industry plan for the future.

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Russia/CIS & Georgia

Elster Electricity has engineering, operations and services devoted to meeting the metering and smart grid needs of electricity utilities in Russia and member nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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