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Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission


From 2004-2008, Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission spent 10,000 man-hours on an AMR deployment that failed to meet expectations.  In 2008, a new General Manager was appointed, and swiftly decided to abandon the AMR project which faced double-digit failure rates at 40% deployment.  With one bad experience behind them, and his understanding of the great benefits offered by AMI versus AMR, the new GM put together a cross-functional team to evaluate and select an AMI solution.

The critical short-term objective of the AMI project was, of course, obtaining accurate and reliable billing reads.  However, other important business case drivers for the City included water leak detection, energy theft, enabling consumers to monitor their own usage, real-time outage management, TOU rates, efficiently handling move in/move out, demand response, and meter reading cost savings.