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Metering Systems

AlphaCENTERAlphaCENTER metering systems are specially designed for energy and power metering and billing purposes including automated meter reading, data collection, processing, storing, and easy-to analyze display of received data.


AlphaCENTER is the metering system that completely meets stringent requirements of Russian Wholesale Electricty Market. AlphaCENTER suits perfectly both large utilities and industrial companies with thousands of meters and small enterprises with several meters.


At present Elster Metronica supports more than 3500 installations of AlphaCENTER all over Russia and CIS countries.


15 successful years of AlphaCENTER’s operation in Power Utility, industry and transport segments have proven its reliability, accuracy, high functionality and conformity to modern requirements.


AlphaCENTER is the series of software products; it is based on the principles of client-server architecture (Oracle, Windows). The program collects and analyzes data from meters, balances the accounts and integrates it into business administration systems.


The system is designed for billing, managing networks or consumption, load management and measuring and analysing of electricity quality parameters.


The system meets the demands of all our customers ranging from utility and large industrial companies with thousands of meters to small enterprises with several meters.


EIServer Meter Data Management (MDM):

 Elster's EIServer empowers utilities with actionable intelligence to make more informed decisions, enhance operational processes, while improving customer service. Our MDM and network management solution can perform detailed smart meter data analysis on any information collected from Elster’s EnergyAxis system or any other data collection system. Whether you have 5,000 or 5 million meters, our solution offers flexibility and scalability to effectively manage revenue data while improving internal and external customer experiences.

EIServer Energy Management System (EMS):

Over the years, Elster has built up an impressive product portfolio that services all aspects of the international energy management markets. We offer a full suite of hardware and software products ranging from high-tech submeters and data concentrators to the fully-featured energy management software platform: EIServer®.



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