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Work Flow Automation

Automate work flow for greater efficiency and accuracy

As more sophisticated smart grid infrastructure and data collection opportunities are introduced, the complexity of utility process work flows continues to increase. Often with multiple applications open concurrently, the operator needs is responsible for understanding and making the connections between various screens and specific data—sometimes under time critical conditions.

Utilities need a means to encourage use of best practices and process consistency throughout the organization. It should be easy to learn. It should not force the utility to adapt its processes to a standard imposed by the application. Rather, it should enable the utility to more efficiently expand the use of existing process work flows.

Elster has tackled this challenge and offers two work flow tool options for utilities.

CallistoUX work flow engine: The CallistoUX work flow engine enables users to easily establish their own step-by-step, screen-by-screen process for frequently used tasks. For tasks that are repeated across an entire organization such as resolving a high bill complaint, the utility can set up a best practice work flow. Training new employees to the best practice is easier with an established work flow and the quality of customer interactions is more consistent and of higher quality. Learn more>>

EIServer work flow engine: Using the EIServer® Workflow engine for Smart Grid projects, Elster addresses customer business problems by:

Integrating increasingly complex processes:

  • multiple systems: market liberalization requires intensive message exchange between market parties.
  • multiple parties: meter roll-out may be outsourced to installation companies.

Adapting these processes along the way:

  • processes are updated based on experience or when new functionality becomes available.

Scaling them to mass operations:

  • smart meter roll-out of millions of meters.

Monitoring their progress:

  • swiftly identify small number of problematic tasks.
  • identify process bottlenecks.

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