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IP AxisLink platform


The IP AxisLink platform leverages your existing EnergyAxis AMI network to reach devices previously stranded by your AMI or SCADA network. Communication to devices (such as capacitor bank controllers, recloser controllers, and LTC voltage controllers) is handled within a secure tunnel over the EnergyAxis wide area network (WAN). The IP AxisLink platform creates a secure, DA communication virtual private network (VPN) for remote access to previously stranded intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) on the distribution feeder.

When equipped with the optional EA_Gatekeeper module, utilities can expand their EnergyAxis System architecture by combining the router, DA gateway, and AMI LAN gatekeeper functions into one integrated device.

The IP AxisLink platform consists of two components: the Secure Tunnel Server and the router hardware. The Secure Tunnel Server creates a secure tunnel through the existing EnergyAxis WAN to create a virtual DA communications network for the remote distribution devices. The Secure Tunnel Server routes Internet protocol (IP) packets over the EnergyAxis network destined for the DA IEDs. The server also manages the WAN communication and provides the secure data paths.

Access and control of the IEDs is handled by the IP AxisLink router, which is installed next to the DA device. Utilities can select which devices may be securely addressed through the EnergyAxis System, and the IP AxisLink platform is the mediation point between the utility’s enterprise network and the EnergyAxis communication network.



Minimal investment augments an EnergyAxis AMI network to perform DA application communication and intelligent electronic device (IED) management

  • Routes IP DNP traffic from SCADA master stations to IEDs
  • Supports both point-to-point  as well as mesh communications, including private 900 MHz mesh networks
  • Allows deployment of DA infrastructure while paving the way for future AMI
  • Employs Elster’s comprehensive, built-in security that is integral to EnergyAxis devices and systems solutions
  • Performs security auditing and performance monitoring on the DA application traffic
  • Avoids DA and AMI resource contention and network congestion by separation of the control and communication traffic paths
  • Multiple options for installation, including outdoor-rated NEMA 4X and flame-resistant housing
  • Can house the EA_Gatekeeper module, giving utilities additional flexibility in building the optimal configuration for their environment, requirements, and site geographies
IP AxisLink router specifications

IP support

  • Secure IP VPN/Tunnel (DTLS) (RFC 4347 and 4279)
  • IPv4 (RFC 791)
  • RTIP TCP-IP Network Stack (RFC 793)
  • UDP (RFC 78)
  • DHCP server
  • Embedded Web server
  • IP Grid router (NAT/NATIP and RIPv2) (RFC 2080)
  • PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol driver)
  • ANSI C12.22 (TCP/IP)
  • Dual NIC interfaces, supporting parallel sessions (AMI C12.22/TCP/IP and DA DNP/TCP/IP)
  • ICMP stack (RFC 792)

Communications interfaces

  • 2 Ethernet 10BASE-T RJ-45
  • RS-232 DB9 serial port
  • EA_Gatekeeper module
  • USB serial confi guration port
  • 2 RF antenna

Discrete inputs/outputs 

  • 4 discrete binary inputs
  • 2 discrete binary outputs
IP AxisLink Secure Tunnel Server specifications


  • HTTP over TLS (RFC 2818)
  • SHA-1


  • WAN encryption: AES-128 (IP)
  • Session: DTLS VPN tunnel with pre-shared key cipher suites (RFC 4347, 4279)


  • Access control; full VPN compatibility; security event monitoring

IP networking

  • IEEE 802.3 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • IPv4 (RFC 791), ICMP v4 (RFC 792)
  • IPv6 (RFC 2460), ICMP v6 (RFC 2463)
  • TCP (RFC 793)
  • UDP (RFC 768)

Communications protocols

  • DNP v3 (IEC 61850)

Routing protocols 

  • Static routing
  • Dynamic routing using OSPF v2 IPv4 (RFC 2328) or OSPF v3 IPv6 (RFC 2740)


  • HTTPS remote management
  • RPM software package to manage installation, configuration, and upgrade
  • Secure FTP

Configuration management

  • IP address management
  • Command line interface using SSH (client ACL, RPM, packet filtering and forwarding, peer-to-peer blocking)

Performance management

  • IP statistics
  • Data logging (retention log policy, Syslog format, debug logs, audit logs)

DA management 

  • EA_MS authentication to access HTTPS proxy to Web IP AxisLink grid router web interface
  • Provision and configure IP AxisLink routers
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