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EA_Mobile Solution


Building upon Elster’s highly successful EnergyAxis-enabled electricity, water and gas AMI endpoints, Elster now offers a mobile data collection system for reading these endpoints. Because these endpoints include full AMI capabilities, this mobile data collection system allows the utility complete flexibility in scheduling a full AMI fixed network deployment while protecting the more expensive sector of the automation process — the meters.

The batteries required for many existing first generation AMR modules are reaching their end of life, requiring module replacement. The decision is whether to continue using existing one-way AMR modules for collecting meter data or to migrate to a full two-way AMI system. Elster’s AMI devices are not AMR device clones designed to emulate AMI endpoints. They are fully functional AMI endpoints that accommodate mobile data collection by Elster’s EA_Mobile drive-by collector. By replacing aging AMR endpoints with AMI-capable endpoints, Elster provides a complete migration path to its fully functional two-way AMI EnergyAxis System.

EA_Mobile represents the fourth generation of two-way mobile data collectors from Elster. The mobile data collector uses the same radio frequency communications to collect meter data that is used in the fixed network EnergyAxis System. Stated differently, the meter endpoints communicate the same regardless of whether they are in a fixed network or part of a mobile network. 


System Components

The system includes the following:

  • communications modules that process individual meter data including the following:
    - message-level encryption for data protection
    - current meter reading
    - one or more of the 35 daily water or gas index readings
    - leak alarm (water
  • mobile collectors that communicate with the modules to collect the meter data
  • handheld data collectors (EA_InstallerPlus)
  • Elster’s Route Manager software used to process and transfer the meter data to the utility’s customer information system (CIS)

EA_Mobile uses a global positioning system (GPS) to track its position and any meters within communication range. The vehicle interactive display (EA_VID) tracks the completion of meter readings and alerts the operator to ensure all meters are read before leaving an area. With the real time onboard processor, the collector can read up to 30 meters per second allowing the reader to drive at residential street speed limits and has been demonstrated at highway speeds.

Intuitive Operator Tools

The optional, touch-sensitive EA_VID uses the information from the EA_Mobile collector to quickly and simply inform the operator of the progress being made in collecting the route data. The EA_VID displays meter status (read, unread, etc.) as well as indicating how the reading route is progressing using visual and optional audible indicators. The operator can customize the information displayed to optimize the data collection process. The EA_VID can display detailed information about each account using real-time reports using either a specific account or by a module serial number.

The EA_VID maintains an audit file of operation and setting changes made over the course of a route. 

Powerful Management Platform

EA_Mobile uses Elster’s Route Manager software for creating and managing accounts, routes, and devices. The EA_Mobile collector is synchronized with Route Manager to upload routes for reading meters. After readings are complete, Route Manager downloads the files from the collector for exporting to billing, CIS, or other enterprise systems.

EA_Mobile Specifications

The EA_Mobile along with several primary components is transported in a wheeled case. Those components are:

  • EA_Mobile interrogator unit
    - wake-up transmitter
    - EnergyAxis transceiver module
    - power supply
    - real-time computer
    - connectors, controls and indicators
  • GPS receiver
  • vehicle-mounted antennas
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen display
  • AC and DC power supplies

EA_Mobile complies with Part 15 (Class B) of the FCC Rules: FCC ID is QZC-EA_Mobile

EA_VID™ specifications

The optional EA_VID is a ruggedized laptop computer providing a graphical user interface for the EA_Mobile. Minimum hardware requirements:

  • Model: CF-31GT2AX2M
  • OS: Windows XP Pro (SP3) or Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel® i3-350M @ 2.26 GHz
  • Storage & Memory: 
    - 160GB Hard Disk Drive
    - 2GB SDRAM (DDR2) (expandable to 8GB) 
  • Display:
    - 13.1" 1024 x 768 (XGA) Sunlight viewable LCD with Touchscreen 
  • Expansion Slots: 
    - PC Card Type II x 1
    - Secure Digital (SD) Card 
  • Interfaces: 
    - Serial D-sub 9 pin
    - USB 2.0 (x4) 4 pin x 2
    - 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45
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