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Asset/Transformer Monitoring

Asset/Transformer Monitors Lead to Fewer Outages of Shorter Duration

Transformer monitoring enables the utility to see which transformers are overloaded, and calculate where equipment has reached the end of its lifespan. In turn, this allows the utility to upgrade equipment before it fails and helps to improve service reliability.

EnergyAxis: Similar to residential smart meters, Elster transformer monitors (called Elster AGInodes) are installed on single-phase overhead or pad-mounted transformers with a capacity range of 50 kVA 167 kVA. The devices measure near real-time loading on distribution transformers, provide outage monitoring and provide useful information for day-to-day operations collected through Elster’s EnergyAxis system.

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Business Case for Transformer Monitoring:


According to Toronto Hydro, a typical outage period for reactive overhead transformer replacement work is approximately six to 10 hours. Thanks to its transformer monitor deployment program, in the summer of 2011 alone, Toronto Hydro identified 12 overloaded transformers on the brink of collapse and performed proactive upgrades and redistributed secondary connections to alleviate overloading. Through this work alone, the utility saved approximately 100,000 outage minutes.

Toronto Hydro is the largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada, serving approximately 705,000 customers in the City of Toronto.



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