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Metering and sensor hardware

Meters, meter modules and sensors

Elster offers a wide selection of metering and sensing hardware that enable utilities to collect valuable data needed for billing and a range of other applications.

Electricity meters: Elster offers a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial meters. In addition to offering a wide range of features, Elster electricity meters are widely respected for their accuracy and reliable performance in the field.

Water and gas modules: We offer AMI modules for all the popular water and gas meters (including Elster meters). Many of the utilities we serve provide multiple services to their customers; the water and gas modules enable them to use the same AMI system to manage all utilities across the service territory.

More information about Elster AMCO water meters can be found at www.elsteramcowater.com.  Information about Elster American Meters gas meters can be found at www.elster-americanmeter.com.

Sensors and monitoring: Elster has developed a selection of sensors that can be managed and operated through our AMI system and network. AGInode sensors are designed to monitor transformers and other key assets typically deployed between the substation and the home. Monitoring enables better distribution of load, and proactive repair or replacement of failing transformers. 



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