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Russia / CIS

Service and technical support

Our services:
  • Electricity meters and AMR systems warranty service.
  • Electricity meters update.
  • Electricity meters check.
  • Electricity meters programming.
  • Electricity meters and AMR systems post-warranty service.
  • Technical attendance.
  • Technical consulting.

If you are encountering any problems with our products please contact metronica.to@elster.com 




Service center meters
Contact information for prior diagnosis of electricity meters or work for meter - Tel.:  +7 (495) 730-0285/86/87, EXT. 5543, 5542, 5567

E-mail  metronica.to@elster.com


Service center RTU
Service Center E-mail:  metronica.service@elster.com

Contact information for prior diagnosis of malfunctions or failures of equipment RTU - phone 730-0285/86/87, EXT. 5558, 5533
E-mail:  rtu-325@elster.com



AlphaCENTER software
On all issues related to work AlphaCENTER and RTU 327, please go to the support web site AlphaCENTER.
E-mail: alphacenter@elster.com, or by phone: (495) 730-0285/ 86/ 87