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Training Center Germany

In a more and more complex becoming world permanent training is an also permanent requirement. We perform practical and theoretical training courses for our products and tools.

Applications, functionality, parametrisation, commissioning, location of faults and their clearance will be trained under guidance of our experts in small groups.

If required we would also perform those training courses at your premises. In that case, the contents can be freely agreed and adapted to your requirements. Please contact us separately for this purpose.

The courses can be booked by email, by fax or by telephone using the numbers indicated below.

In all seminars the participants receive appropriate documents and a certificate for the successful participation. Included in our scope of services are also break beverages and lunch.

For further information please visit the pages in German language or contact:

Elster GmbH
Steinern Straße 19-21
55252 Mainz-Kastel

Phone: +49 6134 605-777
Fax:    +49 6134 605-750
E-Mail: e-info@honeywell.com