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Utilismart Corporation provides a secure cloud-based utility data solution for Distribution Utilities, Municipalities and Commercial and Industrial customers in North America. we collect, analyze and deliver the information you need to make informed business, planning and operational decisions about electricity, water and gas in a SmartGrid environment.



Our solutions are ideal for:
  • Electric/water/Gas Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • wholesale Market participants
  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • Generators
  • property Managers
  • School Boards
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Energy Aggregators
  • Energy Consultants

As the SmartGrid evolves and becomes smarter and smarter, the data available to utilities and their customers can grow to enormous proportions. Our meter data management (MDM), operational data score (ODS) meter data analysis (MDA) and AMI software solutions as well as our data services helps providing reports and information, tailored to your requirements, utilizing a cloud-based portal. All you need is a web browser. Our hosted model provides many advantages over operating your own on-premise hardware and software: reduced infrastructure and It costs, better security, better scalability and compliance (e.g. Nerc, Ferc, SIp).


Utilismart has been providing online data solutions since 2000 and serves over  100  utility  customers,  primarily  small  and  mid-sized public power utilities. we act as the remote technical  eyes  and  hands  for  our  customers,  combining  a  wealth  of  MDM  experience with cutting-edge technical expertise to create software solutions  that  work.  Our  meter  data  analysis  (MDA)  applications  turn  data into instant information for action.

“Our mission is to solve our customer’s problems, the ones they have today and the ones they will experience tomorrow” John Avdoulos, president of Utilismart Corporation

Utilismart offers quick implementations, getting you up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to deploy your own on-premise solution. Our solutions are metering hardware  agnostic  and  support  all  necessary  communications  protocols.  You  get your data your way.

We offer extremely flexible engagement options. You can choose to use just a single  component  of  our  solution  or  Utilismart  can provide a full turn-key  data  solution.  we  typically  operate  the  AMI  headend  system  for  our  customers.  we  will  work  with  you  to find the best fit for your needs on an ongoing basis and adjust this plan as your needs change and evolve.

Utilismart has a proven track record of listening  to  customer  needs and providing purpose-built solutions to solve these unique problems. we enjoy exceptional customer retention thanks to  our  superior service, collaborative approach and secure data gathering integrity.

“with the ever increasing requirements for Meter Data Management, Essex powerlines Corporation (EpL)  has  benefited tremendously from the Utilismart MDM Services. Utilismart products and Services have enabled  EpL  to  meet  our  customers’ needs and also achieve compliance with the IESO. Utilismart has allowed us to focus on our core utility objectives in order to best serve customers efficiently and effectively, while knowing our meter to cash processes was well taken care of.” Richard Dimmel, General Manager, Essex powerlines Corporation

“we have been a customer of Utilismart for a number of years and have always found value in the  services  that  they  have provided. Utilismart offers flexibility in their approach to providing products and services that fit our utilities needs and their focus on providing outstanding customer service has benefitted our utility greatly.” Dave Stavinga, wasaga Distribution Inc

Utiltismart  hosts  your  data  in  a   fully   certified,   state   of   the   art,   secure   data   centers   both   in   Canada   and   in   the   USA. the data centers run cloud managed service  technology,  providing  a  singular  focus  to  ensuring  the  most  robust  and bullet-proof It infrastructure to meet the needs of business. Our hosting facilities are highly reliable and are  tier III Design and Construction certified multi-tenant facilities. Our data facilities pride  themselves  in  being  pCI,  DSS,  CSAE  3416  type  II,  SSAE  16 SOC 1 type II and ISAE 3402 type II certified.