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White Papers

Whitepapers generated by Elster and our Partners



AMI and DA Convergence

Benefits of Growing Your Smart Grid Infrastructure with a Multi-Technology Approach, Sierra Energy Group
As today’s utilities explore new ways to operate more efficiently, the smart grid offers a solution through distributed intelligence, managing energy consumption and measuring the quality of the power back to the utility. This information helps utilities save energy, reduce costs, and increase the grid’s reliability and also provides greater transparency to those operating it. Although smart grid investments span a broad range of technologies, today’s utilities are focusing on distribution automation (DA) systems and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to support monitoring and remote control of the power system.
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Realizing the Smart Grid of the Future through AMI Technology

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology is a vital component within the smart grid of the future. AMI technology provides utilities with a wealth of new information that was not readily available with automated meter reading (AMR) technology or cost effective with today’s distribution automation (DA) systems. AMI technology provides information that can be used to optimize business operations, such as system engineering, maintenance or customer service. AMI systems also provide a ubiquitous communication infrastructure that supports continual monitoringand remote control of power system components and greatly improved visibility and optimal control of the power system. This paper identifies how utilities can utilize the information provided by an AMI communication infrastructure to build and support the smart grid of the future.
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Deterrent and Detection of Smart Grid Meter Tampering and Theft

Electricity, Water or Gas, Elster
This white paper was inspired by real concerns regarding “smart grid electric meters being altered to steal electricity.” There are often reports of meters being exploited to under-report consumption. This paper examines some of the concerns raised and describes measures currently provided by Elster meters and the Elster EnergyAxis® System to detect and/or prevent theft, tamper and loss of electricity, water, or gas.
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RF Safety and the EnergyAxis System

There is a growing concern in the industry, especially on the part of energy consumers, over the potential health impact of smart meter radio communications. This paper is to assist Elster’s EnergyAxis users in understanding matters related to radio frequency (RF) safety with regard to the EnergyAxis mesh local area network (LAN) radio used in EnergyAxis smart meter endpoints, specifically REX2™ and A3 ALPHA® meters.
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