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Aztech Associates

logo of AztechAztech Associates Inc. develops leadership products for energy conservation in the Home Area Network, and rugged asset tracking and monitoring devices for the resource extraction and shipping sectors. They are experts in utilizing terrestrial, cellular and satellite wireless systems.

Aztech In-Home Display – EnergyAxis Edition
The AMI connected Aztech In-Home Display (IHD) uses utility grade data directly from the EnergyAxis Smart Meters to provide consumers with accurate, timely information about their electricity use trends and costs.  Feature rich and easy to use, the Aztech IHD raises energy awareness and enables customers to both set conservation goals and monitor their success. The patented light arc, which changes color with time of use or tier changes and speeds up as electricity consumption increases, provides immediate feedback about electricity consumption and costs. The Quick Read functionality enables them to make informed decisions about when to use and / or replace their electric appliances; and the Current Usage screen, 24 hour and 30 day graphical and summary screens empower users with the information they need for even greater conservation success.