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Calico Energy Services

VisualEnergy Intelligence SuiteTM for integrated energy management
Calico’s flagship platform, Energy Intelligence SuiteTM, is an award-winning software service that provides modular solutions for Smart Grid integration and enablement. It gives utilities complete command-and-control over its smart grid data system, allowing the utility to manage demand, improve reliability, reduce costs, and quantify the impact of energy management programs through integrated analytics. The platform also gives utility customers the ability to view and control their energy use through energy management portals, on-premise displays, energy management devices, and electric vehicle charging (EV) systems.

Learn more: http://www.calicoenergy.com/page.php?page_id=12

Calico Energy Services offers a secure software platform that simplifies Smart Grid data management and services—providing customers with energy intelligence, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profit through a unified solution.

Press Release: http://www.calicoenergy.com/~calico/content/files/114.Calico_Naperville_announcement.pdf