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Milsoft Utility Solutions

VisualIntegrated Outage Management and FLIR capability
The EnergyAxis® System has been certified as interoperable with Milsoft Utility Solution’s DisSPatch outage management system (OMS) through MultiSpeak 3.0 specification testing. End-to-end interoperability with the DisSPatch OMS system extends the EnergyAxis System’s AMI technology and enhances its ability to support outage management, a key capability of the smart grid.

When coupled with Milsoft’s DisSPatch outage management software, the comprehensive outage data delivered by the EnergyAxis System enables utilities to identify outage areas more quickly, define the extent of outages more accurately, and ensure that power is restored before crews are moved.

In addition to solutions for outage detection and reporting, Elster’s collaboration with Milsoft includes fault location, isolation and restoration (FLIR).