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Survalent Technology

VisualSolutions for conservation voltage reduction:
The EnergyAxis system can efficiently collect voltage reads from selected points along the feeder. The collected voltage information is provided to the Survalent system to show out-of-band conditions. Voltage information is used by the Survalent DMS to operate Load Tap Changers (LTCs) on the feeder to lower average voltage values. Lower voltage reduces system losses and also reduces end user consumption.

The EnergyAxis system monitors all essential points on feeder to ensure the utility is notified if any service point on the feeder drops out of allowable voltage limits – this provides an important safety net for feeder adjustment activities.

The net result for the end consumer is lower energy usage. The benefits for the utility are similar to demand response programs, but do not require any effort by the consumer. And, unlike DR, voltage conservation does not require support of equipment on the customer premises.