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The City of Matlosana proves use cases, and delivers benefits for utilising NB-IoT as a communication technology for smart water and electricity metering deployments.
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Honeywell revolutionise Grid Management in the Middle East with Smart Electricity Meters and reliable Communication Technology

The installation of Honeywell smart electricity meters in the Middle East has highlighted how reliable technologies can significantly improve the way utilities manage their networks.
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Smart Electricity Meters in South Africa transform network management with accurate, secure and reliable meter reading

The installation of Honeywell meters in Drakenstein located within the Western Cape of South Africa has highlighted how Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology can markedly improve the way the municipality manages its network - and helps to achieve better accuracy and more efficient meter reading.
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Bringing A Wealth of Energy to the rich coast

Costa Rica, which literally translated means “rich coast”, is indeed rich in many important ways. It’s a highly enlightened, educated, culturally diverse and environmentally conscious country. Perhaps the most commonly uttered phrase in Costa Rica, pura vida, is what this country is all about – pure life – and the people of Costa Rica do more than pay lip service to this all-pervasive view of their world. Theirs is both a pure and rich way of living.
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AMR system of Armenia

Since 2002 then the metering system of Armenia was put in commission it successfully works.
Elster Metronica, Moscow supplied more than 3000 meters of А1600 ALPHA type. The metering system of Armenia automates electricity metering of whole country and covers 14 power stations and 14 high-voltage substations.
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