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Honeywell Elster


Bigger and Better: Elster is now a part of Honeywell
Successfully navigating the complexities of the global utility landscape requires a partner with proven technology and expertise. That’s where you can rely on us. Our extended portfolio of products, services and solutions helps you execute your smart grid strategy with confidence.


Acquisition brings out the best of both worlds
Elster is a global leader in measuring and improving the flow of electricity, natural gas, and water in more than 130 countries. We also provide a wide range of smart metering offerings that complement Honeywell’s demand response and energy efficiency programs for utilities. So you’ll get fast access to comprehensive solutions—saving you time and money.

One thing that won’t change? You can still count on receiving the same high-quality products and customer service you’ve come to expect from both Elster and Honeywell.


Elster is a great fit with Honeywell
The integration of Elster into Honeywell brings together outstanding people, technology and a global base of utility customers.

Elster is now part of the Smart Energy Group – a newly created business in Honeywell – along with Honeywell’s Smart Grid Solutions business. The Smart Energy Group provides smart grid, smart metering, demand response, and energy efficiency programs for utilities—naturally extending the combined solutions to the Connected Home and the Smart Grid into Smart Cities and Smart Communities.

Working together in Smart Energy, these teams will provide one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of solutions for the global utility market.


Honeywell deepens Elster’s strengths
The acquisition of Elster by a Fortune 100 company assures additional financial stability, engineering resources, investment and enhanced customer support as Elster’s 6,800 employees join forces with Honeywell’s 127,000 employees at more than 1,270 sites in 70 countries worldwide.

The integration also brings opportunities for process efficiency, greater global scale and quality improvements. Most importantly, it allows us to offer you an even deeper portfolio of smart grid solutions.


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“We are deeply committed to serving our customers – now and in the future – and we look forward to working together to achieve both utility and industry goals.” 
Tim Darkes, President, Environmental & Energy Solutions, Honeywell

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