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23. июня 2016
Koen Bas – Head of product management software and services at Elster 
The emergence of new technologies in smart energy, coupled with customer behavioural changes and demands, is reshaping the utility industry. The energy and utilities landscape is undergoing a rapid, major transformation as a result of global and political market changes. Sustainability, competition, compliance, operational excellence and cost-efficiency are major business drivers in the utilities industry.


The cat and mouse game of Meter Tampering

18. сентября 2015
Meter tampering has been a problem for as long as metering has been a solution. The day after the utilities installed the first meters, the first unscupulous customers almost vertainly started looking for ways to trick them to reduce their bills.

Utilities and meter manufactures have responded to each new challenge with innovative new meter design, culminating in today's smart meters. However, each innovation is met with a scurry to circumvent it from the tamperers. 

It's a cat and mouse game, but the industry holds the advantage, and is working to keep its lead. 



Smart Grid Interoperability: The Great Enabler

11. августа 2015
When the journey is long, the landscape tends to change in meaningful ways. Whether dealing with system upgrades or regulatory game changers, the utility journey has faced many twists and turns, with increasing urgency. So how do utilities move successfully into the next stage?


Enabling the Future: Adaptive, Modular Approaches to Smart Grid Design

11. августа 2015
Decoupling and Modularizing Grid Functionality: The electric grid of today is moving briskly toward a more interconnected and responsive whole.


Transformation of the Grid

11. августа 2015
Operational awareness with grid edge intelligence and centralized data Management: The electric grid of today is moving briskly toward a more interconnected and responsive whole.