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Transformation of the Grid

11. августа 2015


Reducing confusion and preparing for inevitable grid transformation

Operational awareness with grid edge intelligence and centralized data management

The electric grid of today is moving briskly toward a more interconnected and responsive whole. Poised to accommodate promising new opportunities for energy input and the changing demands of society, grid operators understand the need to use grid assets as a flexible platform for upgrades — including more predictive operational sensing capabilities, integrating distributed energy resources, mitigating the impacts of future outages, and maintaining reliable and efficient energy delivery.

A modular and adaptive approach to grid upgrades is breathing life into these changes in a less costly and more efficient way.

Modular design allows for flexibility in placing grid components where they’re needed most, so operators can act on events directly at the device level instead of reacting once they’ve already happened. Adaptive design emphasizes intelligent sensing and self-healing functionality. Combined, the two approaches reduce costs for utilities and end users by decoupling grid components so they can be used where they’re needed most, provide more intelligent sensing and proactive healing, and allow for more seamless upgrades.

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